‘Music theory’ are two words which are often greeted with an exasperated sigh from young musicians. “How boring” and “why do I even need to know any of that stuff?” are often phrases we here from our students. Music, on the surface, seems to be just about playing your instrument really well or singing beautifully. And it’s true, you can get through life being a great singer or player, but you will never get the full experience of what music can offer you without learning the fundamental theory behind music.

It’s kind of like being a naturally great cook, without actually knowing what your utensils are nor having access to all the amazing ingredients out there that could make your dish more delicious. Imagine the potential a chef would have with the correct knowledge and understanding paired with a passion and love for food. Sounds yum!

What is music theory?

Music theory is the study of the practices and possibilities of music. We learn about what we are doing when we play/sing our favourite songs.

In a music theory lesson you will learn things like:·

Scales and modes

Learning your theory will help you with the study of music at school and university as well as preparing you with the necessary skills to communicate with other musicians and explore your creativity. The more you know the more you can create! In the words of Pablo Picasso – “Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist”.

We learn music theory so we can break the boundaries and become even better musicians.

Now that you know how important learning and understanding music theory is, why not book in for a lesson? We have a number of students who do weekly theory lessons, and others who choose to book in for an hour a month or so to keep their theory up to date.

Email info@downtowncreativestudios.com now to secure a THEORY lesson with one of our amazing music tutors.



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